International Symposium on Science Education (ISSE): Molecular gastronomy in Science Education

We have an honour and a pleasure to invite you to Helsinki in August 2012 on the occasion of the ISSE symposium. Symposium is organized by Finland's Science Education Centre, LUMA.

Science Education is constantly undergoing major changes and developments. New approaches to science instruction are needed. Molecular gastronomy and so-called kitchen stories are one possible context to be used as the starting point for science instruction.

We welcome Science Teachers from Elementary to Senior High School Level, Future Teachers, Teacher Educators and Researchers in Science Education to gather in this symposium and share your ideas and research. The symposium is based on plenary lectures, hands on activities, poster and discussion sessions.

Registration begins 15.4.2012.

Kind regards,
Director, Prof. Maija Aksela
Chair of The ISSE Symposium
Finland's Science Education Centre
University of Helsinki
Ms Jenni Vartiainen
Coordinator of The ISSE symposium
Finland's Science Education Centre
University of Helsinki